Willow 300 Board Members




Email: clswillow57@yahoo.com

Phone: 907-232-9329

I have been involved with the Willow 300 since its beginning in 2016 and it is my goal to see this race continue for future generations.


I have organized the Willow 300 race for five years and have been involved in all areas of its entity.  I have also organized the Willow Jr. 100 for 15 years.  I believe I have the experience to be a concrete asset to this organization.  


My strengths are organizing, coordinating and the ability to react in emergency situations and handle them appropriately to move forward and see any event be successful.


I have never been recognized publicly, I am a behind the scenes individual.  


I am focused on my job and my life.  I have raised 6 children and have 19 grandchildren, that alone gives me the ability to coordinate just about anything.  I have always been able to take care of emergencies at the "drop of a dime", and make a situation work for the better.


My goal is to see the Willow 300 continue to grow and become one of the elite of races here in the state of Alaska.  It is my pleasure and a great honor to be involved in the mushing community and a part of this great event.




Email: alaneischens@gmail.com

Phone: 907-841-7454

I have been involved with Sled dog for the last 40 years.  I have coordinated races, worked as a head checker, race judge and assistant race marshal in several different races. I have ran the Iditarod since 2015.  While running and training for the Iditarod and other races that I have ran, I bring awareness to Pediatric Cancer.

Being on the W300/150 Board of Directors is a privilege. I am in my element while out with other teams and love seeing the mushers and their teams work together. 

While not out on the trail myself, I enjoy hunting, fishing, volunteering at races and in our church or, being with any of my 23 grandchildren.  My wife and I own two small businesses which we are extremely proud of. 

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions that you might have.  I look forward to seeing each of you out at the race in January.




Email: tanjalaeischens@gmail.com 

Phone: 907-841-7458

I am excited to be a part of the Willow 300/150 Sled Dog Race.  I have been volunteering for races since 2009.  I am also the wife of an Iditarod musher and know what it takes to run any race.  As secretary of the Willow 300/150 race my goal is to help make things run as smoothly as possible.

As owner of two small business and Office Manager and head cook at Bear River Outfitters, I enjoy being a part of these race along with cooking, gardening, reading, decorating and being with any of our 23 grandchildren.  You will be must generally find me behind the stove cooking or baking up a meal or two.

Please feel free to reach out to me at the email address above or homestyleplus@hotmail.com with any questions you may have.  I look forward to seeing you out on the race this January.



Member At Large



I have been a behind the scenes man for the past 5 years with the Willow 300.  My goal is to do the best I can to make sure the race is a safe and efficient event.  I have been involved with the mushing community for the past 15 years and co direct the Willow Jr 100 SDR.




Email: smeskis@msn.com

Phone: (907) 885-1980

I am grateful to serve as the Medical Director for the Willow 300 and work alongside some amazing individuals.  The health and well-being of the volunteers, fans and participants (the veternarians looking after the dogs!) are a priority to this board and I am committed to keeping this a priority.  I am a Registered Nurse, Professor of Nursing and willl complete my Doctor of Nursing Practice in May 2022.  I am fascinated by sled dogs and this past season have had the opportunity to learn more about mushing and completed my first rookie race!



Checkpoint Coordinator/set-up



I enjoy being on the board for the Willow 300 SDR because I appreciate being part of promoting Alaska sled dog racing.


I do not consider myself an expert in any particular area, but am constantly learning!


Through about eight years of volunteering for various dog sled races, I have come to value the importance of teamwork, dedication and perhaps some patience. 

I enjoy volunteering for several organizations, and being involved in my community. Some of these include, five years with MATSAR, (Mat-Su Search and Rescue), and the 8 years I have been involved as a volunteer with the Iditarod race. These organizations have offered an amazing opportunity to see more of this state and meet people from all areas of Alaska.



Member At Large



Born in Munich, Germany . Lived around the world graduating from high school in Panama and college in Arizona . Retired from the Air Force and commercial airlines as a pilot. Volunteer work at the Copper Basin 300, Willow 300, and Sled Dog Sanctuary . Alaskan resident since 2004 . Married to Iditarod and Willow 100/300 Volunteer Veterinarian Jennifer .